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Semana de panqueque ruso para los europeos

Semana de panqueque ruso para los europeos

Nos disculpamos, solo la versión en inglés está disponible.

This year the celebration of the Pancake week, which takes place in Russia every year, will be organized in London as well.

The Russian culture, yearly represented at the January festival “Russian winter”, this year will acquire an even brighter national coloring. According to the news agency RIA, the capital of Great Britain will be visited by the most expressive and most picturesque Russian associations: ensembles of the Theater of Nadezda Babkina “The Russian song: 21 century” and “After Eleven”, singer Barbara, jazz- trio from Petersburg, theater “Cranks”. London Russian community will introduce the chorus of London Russian orthodox temple, the associations Of Russian Passion and Chelsea Cossacks, the ensemble of balalaika players from Manchester, and also the best Russian children's collectives of London.

The celebration will take place March, 1 in the park Potters-Fields, which is located in the neighborhood with the city hall. The London’s inhabitants arrived to the holiday will estimate merriment and boldness of Russian Pancake week, and also taste the traditional dishes: pancakes, spice cakes, mead.

The Embassy of RF in London, the ministry of culture of RF, the city hall of London and the number of other companies organize this celebration.

Generally, for Europe this is not the first case of familiarizing with the Russian customs. The Pancake week as many other traditional holidays, is yearly celebrated by Russian communities in the entire world. The local authorities together with the Russian representations often participate in the organization of the holidays.

In 2008 one of the oldest London hotels Brown's declared the week of Russian cuisine. For the better similarity in London arrived Sergey Zhakhovskiy the chief - cook of the hotel “Astoriya” in Petersburg.

In the menu were included: herring, borsch, curd tart, pancakes and, it goes without saying, vodka.

The last year the airline Lufthansa organized the Pancake week for its passengers. The passengers from Moscow and Peter were fed with pancakes during the entire Pancake week. However, tradition to celebrate aboard the age-old Russian holidays, such as Easter, Pancake week is saved already for ten years.

The pancake week was celebrated in 2008 also in Stockholm. The union of Russian societies with the support of the embassy of Russia arranged the immense street festivities with the traditional games and the city of masters.

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