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Rusia invita a científicos extranjeros a trabajar

Rusia invita a científicos extranjeros a trabajar

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It will be easier to get a Russian visa for foreign scientists working in Skolkovo, – said the Director of Russian Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky on Wednesday, November 3.

Such specialists will get a visa directly in the territory of innovation center – an agreement was signed between FMS and innovation center, – informs “Echo of Moscow”.

Department of FMS will be opened in Skolkovo. Scientific center will work directly with the Migration Service to make the invitations, work permits for scientists needed by the center.

As Konstantin Romodanovsky noted: “Department will promptly, efficiently and adequately solve the emerging questions of visa support, work permits and other documents”.

The head of Fund “Skolkovo” Viktor Vekselberg said that this event “fits harmoniously with the fact that Russia is steadily becoming a part of the global world, not only in trade but also in the exchange of intellectual capital, integration of our scientists and industrial companies in the world economic community.”

The need for Russia to attract foreign specialists has been emphasized repeatedly. For example, Vladislav Surkov has already voiced the intention of Russia to invite for work the leading Western scientists. 40 grants for total sum of $ 6 billion rubles were assigned to create the possibility of competition with Western institutions.

“We must take a sober look at things: researchers and scientists of East and West took a step further than we did. We need the internationalization of science and education”, – said Surkov.

In particular, the changes were made in spring to attract foreign high-level specialists that permit highly qualified specialists to enter the country without a quota, to get a visa for up to three years with possible extension, to issue the residence permits not only to the specialists, but also to their families.

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010