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Posible abolición de visado entre Rusia y Japón

Posible abolición de visado entre Rusia y Japón

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According to the head of the Federation Council international committee Konstantin Kosachev, there are prospects for abolishing visas between Russia and Japan, but the process will be a long one.

“There are prospects. But I can definitely say that this process will be long as it should be accompanied by the approbation of a number of individual decisions,” the senator explained.

It should be emphasized that today certain decisions on the visa issue are made for the residents of Sakhalin and Hokkaido; however, it is necessary to discuss the maximum liberalization of the visa regime between the two countries and its full abolition.

Recall that in January 2017 and in October 2018, Japan simplified the visa regime for Russian citizens that resulted in the increase of the tourist flow by 41 percent from 55 thousand people (2016) to 77 thousand people (2017). In 2018, it increased by another 23 percent to 95 thousand people.

As previously reported, citizens of Russia may be allowed a visa-free entry to Japan for up to 90 days. In addition, it may be possible to visit the country repeatedly without a visa for a certain fixed period.

Currently, citizens of 68 countries can enter Japan without a visa.

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2019