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Extinción de visa entre Rusia y México

Extinción de visa entre Rusia y México

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According to the Russian diplomatic department, Mexico is ready to finish negotiations on the mutual abolition of visas after the meeting held between the elected president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Mexico Victor Coronelli. “The Mexican side, in particular, expressed its readiness to give priority to the speedy completion of the preparation for signing a full-format agreement on the abolition of visa regime for citizens of Russia and Mexico,” is stated in the embassy statement.

However, negotiations on the issue of mutual visa abolition have lasted for many years. It should be recalled that Russians can come to Mexico for tourist purposes without a visa, having received a free electronic permission in advance.

The Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Embrard confirmed that the parties agreed to eliminate reciprocal visa requirements in order to increase the tourist flow to Mexico.

It is expected that in case of visa abolition the flow of Russian citizens coming to Mexico as tourists will increase to 50.000 people a year.

According to the minister, after 2013, when the maximum number of Russian tourists was 94.8 thousand people, the economic crisis in Russia affecting the middle class and the abolition of direct charter flights led to a sharp drop in the number of tourists coming from Russia to Mexico. In 2014, Mexico was visited by 72.2 thousand Russians, in 2015 — by almost 21 thousand and in 2016 — by only 18.3 thousand people. However, last year the flow of tourists from Russia to Mexico increased to 22.3 thousand people.

lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018