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Moscú será más atractivo para los estudiantes extranjeros

Moscú será más atractivo para los estudiantes extranjeros

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Network of cheap hotels – hostels – for foreign tourists is planned to be opened in Moscow, informed the head of the committee of tourism Gregory Antjufeev, quotes agency “Interfax”.

“We have addressed to mayor with the request to start the work on the creation of such a network. There are investors ready to deal with it”, – he said. Now in Moscow there are only a few hostels, which are especially popular among the travelling students from Europe. “After the ending of crisis, I hope, hostels will become even more demanded”, – declared Mr. Antjufeev.

Cost of residing in such a hostel will make about 15$ per night. Thus, authorities hope to attract to Moscow tourists with a small income and students. In fact, they become the main guests of the hostels in Europe.

The main disadvantage of the hostels is that only a bed is provided for the above stated payment. Accordingly, in the same room there can be a stranger on the next bed. The facilities in the room are to be shared with neighbors – as in a dormitory.

This measure should help to the general growth of coming tourists to Russia. As Mr. Antjufeev has informed, it is expected that in 2010 Moscow will be visited by 5 million persons, and according to the accepted program of the development of tourism, in the future this figure will make 10 million persons annually.

As general director of Hotel Consulting and Development Group Alexander Lesnik has noted, the conversations on the creation of the network of hostels are being conducted for about three years. This measure can really attract the additional number of tourists, and the foreigners in Russia can feel more comfortably.

“Moscow holds back a lot of tourists because of the cost of the accommodation, – marks Mr. Lesnik. – In the hotels of three stars level the habitation costs from hundred dollars, plus it is necessary to include the cost of trip, reception of visa, etc., and it is not always a suitable price for the students. Therefore, the opening of such hotels will attract tourists and diversify their age”.

lunes, 19 de julio de 2010