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Moscú ha creado un programa que ayudará a atraer turistas a la ciudad

Moscú ha creado un programa que ayudará a atraer turistas a la ciudad

Nos disculpamos, solo la versión en inglés está disponible.

The Moscow City Government has formulated a draft program “Development of tourism industry”. Under this program by 2016 the income from tourism, including hotels, tours and various paid services will be equal to 86.4 billion rubles per year, – the news agencies reported.

Developed under the leadership of the vice-mayor Lyudmila Shevtsova, the program is included in the list of 15 priority programs. The list was approved by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in February 2011. For its implementation it is planned to spend about 9 billion rubles, of which 3.5 billion from the budget.

Budgetary funds will be spent on improving transport infrastructure, project planning, but the construction will be done with investors' money.

As part of the program on the territory of Moscow will be established a network of bike paths, ski trails, ecological trails, golf courses and areas for picnics.

In addition, a global reorganization of the city's parks is planned. The existing large parks, in particular the complex All-Russia Exhibition Center, Gorky Park, Sokolniki, will be reconstructed. They will also construct new multi-functional complexes in Nagatinskaya bottomland, park of historic landscapes on Khodynkоje field, center of all-weather sports in the area of the river Kotlovka, memorial and park complex in the Old Simonov and many others. Territory in the parks will be well-planned, they will create the infrastructure of entertainment, feed points and other amenities.

In addition, the government's plan is to deal with another problem faced by foreigners in Russia. In the Moscow Metro will appear the signs duplicated in English. Now only the names of stations are duplicated in Latin.

Under the concept by 2016 the number of foreign tourists in Russia will increase to 7.3 million people per year.

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011