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Más turistas vendrán a Rusia en 2012

Más turistas vendrán a Rusia en 2012

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Europe's largest ticketing portal Skyscanner in the review Travel Trends Report – 2012 named the most promising tourist routes in 2012, – informs the website “Turprom”.

Among the directions where the flood of foreign tourists will go, in addition to Estonia, Cape Verde and Iraq, Russia is named. The conclusion concerning the impending popularity of countries the portal made after analyzing more than 15 million monthly statistics of preferences of their audience.

Russia took part in the section “Direction of the Future” of the extensive report by the portal Skyscanner. It informs that the country was able to increase the number of interested users by 32% for a year, suggesting a significant increase in tourist arrivals to the country in 2012 and subsequent years.

This forecast also takes into account the upcoming major sport events that take place in the country. In particular, these are the Olympics–2014 and World Cup in 2018.

Estonia has overtaken Russia, – say the experts of the portal, the number of tourist flow to the country will grow on a monthly basis by 90% compared to the same calendar period in the past. Among the other reasons of the success the reviewers named the title of European Capital of Culture, which Tallinn managed to hold the whole of last year.

At the same time, several European countries showed a decrease in numbers of tourists or a small increase comparing with Estonia and Russia. Thus, Germany, Slovakia and Portugal got fewer tourists.

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