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Día del migrante

Día del migrante

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The international day of migrant is celebrated on December 18. This date was proposed in 2000 on the General Assembly of the U.N.O., since precisely in this day, in 1990, was accepted the international convention about the protection of the rights of all worker - migrants and their families. Entire process of the migration enters into the sphere of influence of convention: from the beginning of preparation for the passage and the signing of agreement with the employer in the country of stay and concluding by return home.

In the resolution of № A/RES55/93 to the organizations of peace, both government, commercial and by all other it was proposed during this day to summarize the work on the propagation of information about the basic rights and the freedoms of migrants, on the exchange of experience of the realization of these rights and international collaboration.

The convention about the protection of the rights of migrants does not give them new rights, but only worries about the observance of those of already existing. Furthermore, recognizing the lawful prerogatives of legal migrants, it so calls to remember about the rights of man with respect to illegal ones.

The importance of this convention is obvious. Indeed according to data of the international association of migration today almost 3% of population of the Earth live and work beyond the limits of their country. These are almost 200 million people. Thus, working migrants have clout on the development of the economy of the country - recipient and the world economy as a whole.

jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008