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To enter Russia for any purpose, citizens of most countries must possess a valid Russian visa.

Visa is not required for citizens of visa-free countries and some types of visa-free trips.

How to get a Russian Visa

To enter the Russian Federation, you need:

Step 1 – Obtaining the Visa Invitation

  • Decide what type of visa is the most suitable for your trip
    It is quite possible that the chosen type of visa will differ from the exact purpose of your trip. For example, for a short-term business trip you can use a Tourist visa which you can get faster and cheaper than a Business one.
  • Apply for the appropriate Visa Invitation issued by a Russian legal entity or individual directly or through a reliable agency
  • Request the Visa Invitation and, if necessary, the delivery of its original

Step 2 – Getting the visa issued by the Russian Consulate

  • Contact the appropriate Russian Consulate in order to determine their requirements for obtaining a visa
    In some cases, you will need to contact the Visa Centre instead of the Consulate.
  • Prepare the required package of documents and submit it to the Consulate.
  • Collect your visa and check it to make sure that everything is correct.

Step 3 – Registration of a visa in Russia

  • Visa registration can be performed either by your Visa Sponsor or by a landlord of the apartment/home where you are staying
  • It is necessary to register a visa upon each arrival to Russia, if the intended period of stay in the place of stay exceeds 7 working days.
    If you are staying in a hotel, its administration should register a visa for the whole period of your stay there.
Visa House will help you to get a Visa Invitation and to register your visa in Moscow.
Need help? Feel free to get online consultation from our experienced visa specialist, please choose the most convenient way to contact us.
Getting started and what's the price
To simplify the procedure of a visa getting and avoid possible problems in Russia you are advised to:
  1. Familiarize yourself with the information on Russian visas and choose the appropriate type of visa reflecting the purpose of your trip
  2. Be informed of visa costs and its following registration
  3. Find the best visa assistant who will help you to get an Invitation and a visa at the Consulate and will be able to ensure your secure stay in Russia
  4. Place an order and follow its progress.

1. Familiarize yourself with the information on Russian visas to avoid possible problems and unnecessary waste of time, efforts and money. Try to figure out the basic components of the visa getting process, as well as the following entry, stay and departure procedures.

You can find the carefully structured information and the best recommendations on our website VisaHouse.com. Need help? Feel free to get online consultation from our experienced visa specialist, please choose the most convenient way to contact us.

2. The visa cost depends on its type and urgency, your citizenship and chosen Russian Consulate as well as on experience and reliability of your local visa assistant.
The visa cost consists of the sum of compulsory fees, overhead expenses, prices and quality of the visa assistant's services.

Compulsory fees are:
  • state fee for a Visa Invitation processing – is charged for certain visa types (400 RUR)
  • consular fee – the amount depends on your citizenship and visa urgency (e.g. 35 EUR for non-urgent visa for citizens of the EU)
  • Visa Application Centre service charge – in case there is a Visa Application Centre acting under the Consulate, a fixed fee is charged for processing of the documents (usually 30 EUR); in case the biometric data are required, an additional fee is charged (see the list of the Russian Consulates and Visa Application Centres; biometric data are required in London, Edinburg, Copenhagen, Myanmar and Namibia)
  • postage – is charged in case when the registration of a visa upon arrival to Russia is processed through the Post Office (about 700 RUR)
Overhead expenses are:
  • delivery of the original Visa Invitation to you – Consulates require the original of the Invitation to process some visa types (e.g. the express delivery of the original Invitation for multiple-entry business visa from Russia to some European country costs about 40 EUR)
  • your personal trips to the Consulate to submit the package of documents or receive the visa, or postage needed to send the documents and to receive the visa
  • the purchase of medical insurance
  • submission of some additional documents required by the Consulate

The cost of visa and your waste of time and efforts is determined by the prices and quality of your visa agent's services. A good visa agent will offer you to process a visa with minimal compulsory fees and overhead expenses. Please be noted that there are a lot of different ways to get the desired result in the field of Russian visas.

3. Find the best local visa agent who will help you to get a Visa Invitation and a visa at the Consulate and will be able to ensure your secure stay in Russia.
  • One agencies are able to easily solve difficult problems, whereas with others the easiest things can turn into big problems
  • Some agencies aim to the long-term future, while others are less far-seeing and just want to find an easy way to make money
  • The reputation of some agencies is proved by the years of successful work and appreciations of the grateful clients, while others try to praise themselves without proof.

Please be noted that, under the Russian legislation, a foreign national can be invited to Russia only by a Russian legal entity or individual (Visa Sponsor), whose name is indicated on the Russian visa (see visa sample). Often only a Visa Sponsor is able to solve your possible problems (e.g., replacement of a lost visa, visa extension, etc.)

We advise you to find a visa assistant who:
  • uses services of a reliable Visa Sponsor
  • has an office in Russia, and you know its address and telephone number
  • is accredited to the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS)
  • can help you to register a visa and to solve your possible visa problems
  • has a long-term experience of work with Russian visas and can offer additional services
  • renders services at reasonable prices without hidden fee

Visa House is your best visa assistant. Our long-term experience of work with Russian visas, use of modern information technologies and good reputation earned from our clients allow us to claim it.

4. Ready to begin? Then start with choosing visa type and local visa assistant, place an order and follow its progress.

Having chosen Visa House you can place and follow your order at any time and from anywhere in the world. Our System has the unique means to let us communicate easily with you. Knowing the current status of your order, you will be safer and easier to plan a trip.

Need help? Feel free to get online consultation from our experienced visa specialist, please choose the most convenient way to contact us.
About us
Visa House is an independent agency specializing in Russian visas for legal entities and individuals.
Since 1993, we have been providing consultation and assistance in obtaining necessary documents from various Russian state authorities. In 2000, we pioneered online technologies in the sphere of visa services, and since that time, Visa House firmly holds the lead in the industry.
Visa House is officially licensed and registered; our Russian office is conveniently located in the center of Moscow.
There are more than 2000 corporate clients and more than 200 000 executed orders in our company's portfolio of over 20 years of successful operation.
Visa House will provide you exclusive high quality services at the best prices with flexible terms of payment and various discounts.
We thank you for the attention to our company and encourage you to use our special online services!
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